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Today's "before and after" photos come from Chris Epting's new book, Then & Now: Huntington Beach, published by Arcadia. It features about 90 scenes of old H.B., followed by modern photos from the same sites.
In reference to the photos above, Epting writes, "Ms. Billie Kennedy grew up in Huntington Beach and in the 1930s she lived in this house, located at 905 England Avenue. She told me all about what is was like to live here back then, when the area was more open and the local baseball team played just behind where the house sits today. Billie lives in the area still, and from time to time drives past the old house to relive, even just for a moment, a wonderous childhood spent by the beach."
Much like Doris Walker's Orange County Then & Now, (published a couple years ago in a very different format,) Epting's new book is fascinating to spend time with.
You can catch up with some of Chris Epting's other local adventures in the following KOCE historical segments with Maria Hall-Brown:

Local nikkei history exhibit wins national award

Stephanie George and Carlota F. Haider are the recipients of the 2008 Award of Merit from the American Association for State & Local History. They won the award for creating the 2007 exhibit, Sowing Dreams, Cultivating Lives: Nikkei Farmers in Pre-World War II Orange County - the inaugural exhibit of the O.C. Agricultural & Nikkei Heritage Museum.
As the curator and designer (respectively), Steph and Carlota created the exhibit by pouring in ridiculous amounts of their own time, expertise and elbow grease, as well as investing thousands of dollars of their own money. Although the exhibit is no longer on display, they’re working on a catalog which should be available through CSUF’s Center for Oral & Public History around October. (For more photos and information, see CSUF's press release.)

~3rd LIVE DVD + TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat.有天 發售消息~

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Earthquake, Modjeska, Arden, amusement parks

Yes, I know. One more minute of coverage of today's earthquake will send you over the edge. But I'm covering a different earthquake, so it's okay. Specifically, today's photo is a glimpse of the aftermath of the big 1933 earthquake. Unlike most post-quake photos that feature damaged buildings, this photo shows one of the many big cracks that opened up in the earth. This particular scene was in the Westminster area, "south of Ocean and Hansen." (Even if you don't care about the hole in the ground, it's still a nice image of rural Westminster.)
A new exhibit, entitled "All the World's a Stage: Modjeska's Arden" will open at the Old Orange County Courthouse Museum next week. The exhibit, detailing the life and canyon home of famed stage actress Helena Modjeska, will kick off with a special reception on Aug. 7, 5:30-7:30pm in the 3rd floor Exhibit Gallery. RSVP to (714) 973-6610 if you'd like to attend.
Werner Weiss of Yesterland recently reviewed Richard Harris' new book, Early Amusement Parks of Orange County. I'm looking forward to seeing a copy of this book myself.

Harriet Burns (1928-2008)

I just heard the news that artist Harriet Burns, the first woman to become a Disney Imagineer, died on July 25th at age 79. She contributed greatly to most of Disneyland's best attractions. For a lengthy obituary, see today's entry on the Register's "Around Disney" blog. When I had lunch with Harriet in May, she was charming, fascinating, down-to-earth, and (as you see in this photo,) still looked like a movie star. (The glamorous kind, not the modern scruffy kind.)

"The neighbor" *Fic* Chapter 2 +A-nation 2008 pics+Yoochun featuring MAKAI

Hey everyone!....i have good news for you!...Our friend Chase finished the second chapter of her fic "The Neighbor".


His love for music, his attachment to it that ran deeply—too deeply, was slowly pulling him apart. Lately the music that had brought Dong Bang Shin Ki together, the authorities behind it and the support that kept it going are mixing together into a heap of confusion; a love-hate combination that left him exhausted and defeated.

When did music begin to feel like a job?

The endless shows, promotions, filming. Yoochun was aware that he should be thankful for the seemingly endless offers that were coming their way, individually and as a group. And he is. He knew they were crucial parts of being a celebrity.

Celebrity. The word was starting to taste bitter on his tongue.

He almost snickered. He didn’t think he’ll be going through this phase; having everything and yet feeling as if something was missing. Only protagonists in the cheesy romance films that Junsu loved so much should be experiencing these conflicting emotions.

But unfortunately, Park Yoochun felt a multitude of feelings. And those conflicting ones were dominating a huge percentage of it.

He closed his eyes, remembering the constant dream that he’s been having during the rare times that he actually fell asleep these past few days.

Almost instantly, his chest constricted at the now familiar pain of heart break.

I can’t hear you.”

There was no response. She stood there at the other side of the road, silent.

“Say anything. Even if it’s a lie, I don’t care!”

She started walking away, as if she never heard a word.

“Say something, anything! Tell me lies if that’s what will make me hear you…”

She stopped, and then turned to face him. Her mouth opened and moved, but no words came out.

Yoochun could only watch her helplessly. “Please…”

And here it is:

>>Download Chapter 2<<

Some pics from A-nation


Yoochun will do a featuring with Makai ~ his genre is jazzy-electronica

The song will be an exclusive edit; 「TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat. YUCHUN (from 東方神起)」

I guess I can predict that Chunface will sing English partly (omg?) 'cause all artist I've been listening to now are singing at least 50% English.Micky is gonna be featured on MAKAI's new Album she has coming out 9/24. The song is called TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat. YUCHUN(from 東方神起). She has colab with some famous artist, and when this is released the boys should be in Korea so you could see it as promotion, like wow who is this guy on this single.... stuff like that.

It will be released on iTunes Store Japan on July 30, 2008.

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[2008.07.27] Kimpo Airport+Broadcast date A-nation 2008 +Music Fair Caps

Our boys are leaving Japan so quick? ^^
And something that I did notice...they are smiling...^_^

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[Info] Broadcast date A-nation 2008

Date: Saturday, September 27 - 8:00 pm

J-POP representative by the Big artists, the strongest record of events "a-nation"
Starring artist
First announced in tan TRF, Every Little Thing, haengjeonrae hicheuji, ohohcheuka child, Ami Suzuki, Big Bang, AAA
second EXILE, SEAMO, mihimaru GT, Namie Amuro,
third announcement COLOR, Ayumi Jockeys Hama, hitomi, My Little Lover, Miura exceptional wisdom, men and Remy Oro
since the year 2002, more than 200,000 people annually, in the past six years in the aggregate more than 2 million people mobilized,
Already this summer's event at this time is not hugely popular
among the tour this year in the seventh to live outdoors.

This event done eight performances ,
August 30 to 31 performances at the Tokyo Stadium,
the appearance of the motto no Hydrangea Hi-Vision is passed.

Live performance artist !!!
who expect luxury hot!

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Music fair 21 caps
JaeJoong is gorgeous ^_^
Flying hearts everywhere

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"I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!"

Recently, William J. Wallis sent me this photo of a Fullerton “Special Police” badge. He got the badge from a "seasoned" Fullerton Police Dept. retiree a few years ago, who told him it came from the Citrus Strike of 1936. The badge is marked on the back with, "L.A. Stamp and Stationary Co." I thought it was an interesting artifact.
On a related note, I spotted what appears to be an 1890s O.C. Deputy Sheriff badge on eBay yesterday. Here it is:This is the style of badge that was used until 1899. I know there are lots of badge forgeries out there, but if this is a fake, it's a very good one.

B-Pass Magazine September 2008 +TVXQ updated height&weight

A-nation started yesterday omo can't wait to see them!!

B-Pass Magazine September 2008

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And hey did you guys see this? O_o

183 centimeters = 6' feet

184 centimeters = 6' feet

189 centimeters = 6'2" feet

186 centimeters = 6'1" feet

182 centimeters=5' 11'' feet


Our boys are sooo tall
I feel so small :((