Welcome to 2010

Here's the cover of January 1952 issue of the The Knotty Post (the Knott's Berry Farm employee magazine) to ring in the new year. I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2010!

Heidi Klum Updo Hairstyles

Checkout this double take of supermodel Heidi Klum, donning two different updo hairstyles, one very classy and the other, very casual.

The first hairstyle is a tightly pulled "straight out of bed" messy bun, however Heidi can get away with such a style, due to her amazing beauty.

The second hairstyle is something very similar to the first one, but with more time, effort, and product added to it.

happy new year

I wish that all  of your dreams will come true.. :)

Slovenke: Kam se boste dale danes? Jaz se nikoli nisem dozivela, da tako veliko ljudi nebi vedelo kje bodo danes zvecer. Jaz se vedno ne vem kje bom.. mogoce bova s fantom doma, ali pa bova pobrala par prijateljev, ki tudi nimajo planov in bomo sli pogledat v kranj ali ljubljano... samo baje naj bi bil dez..
V glavnem, kjerkoli ze boste.. dobro ga zazurajte..:))))

Long Hairstyles for

Long Hairstyles for Prom - - Mischa Barton

Trendy Long

Finding hair color pictures and ideas is one of the main ways that people seek inspiration for their hair and the new colors that can be created within the hair. These pictures can be taken from inspiration from celebrities, random…

Long Bob

Long bob hairstyles have been in fashion since times unknown. They are very popular among women as they suit any hair type and texture. You don’t have to have any preset features to adapt to long bob hairstyles.

Layered long hair

Layered long hair styles are one of the most versatile haircuts and are also one of the most popular – because of the versatility that exists within the haircut. Long layered haircuts can be used for straight hair, as well…

Pictures of Long

Long hairstyles should have lots of natural texture, flirtatious flips and long loose layers whether your hairstyle is straight, wavy or curly. This extremely versatile cut suits a wide variety of face shapes and can be as casual or dressy as you need to be. Long hairstyles allow you to let down your hair, place it in pony tails, and bundle it up in decorative designs. If you have a long hairstyle, it's best to take care of it or don't have it at all. When choosing long layered hair styles the first step is to determine which style works with the shape of your face. Long layers are essential for this type of hair style to lay correct. Another great tip is to blow dry the hair with a large round brush, directing all layers down and under.

trend: Sheer Dotted Tights

I love this trend. They are sophisticated, sexy, sweet,..

pictures from: style.com, asos, popbee.com


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Unfortunately some clothes look so cheap.. I'm afraid to order because I don't know anything about their shoe size... Anaybody knows sth? Is it similar to Asos? 
I would like to have:

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Women Cardigan Fashion Clothes

Women Cardigan Fashion Clothes
Women Cardigan

Cardigan Fashion Clothes For Women
Feather Collar Cashmere Cardigan From J. Crew


What a pretty collection. The prices are ok aswell. What do you think?

knitted perfection

Hayden Panettiere Long Wavy Blonde

Hayden Panettiere is the adorable young up and coming actress, perhaps best known for her role as Claire Bennet on the television show, Heroes.

Here we have a couple of beautiful blonde hairstyles of Hayden Panettiere, long with the perfect touch of wavy/curly, giving her a cute Goldilocks appearance.

She may be a natural brunette, but she was born for blonde.

Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles for Celebrity - Gwyneth Paltrow long hair

Long or “Oblong”

Styles that are flattering: Brow-skimming bangs (I plan to never go without them again). Chin-length bobs are also ideal for us because they create the illusion of width. Gwyneth Paltrow’s shoulder-length bob is very flattering on a long face. Just make sure your stylist cuts the hair a bit shorter in the back so it doesn’t look boring. Curls and waves work well because they add width to the face.

Long layered

Layered long hair styles are one of the most versatile haircuts and are also one of the most popular – because of the versatility that exists within the haircut. Long layered haircuts can be used for straight hair, as well…

Long Hairstyles

This is a revival of a retro 60’s look. To achieve body like this, try round brushing your hair while your giving it a blowout. This will give you loads of volume and a slight curl to the ends without having to use the curling iron.

Long Japanese

For my new hair I'm still experimenting The back is cut so I can spike it out But I've decided to go with wax to spike it which i'm still experimenting with (hence why i have no pictures of that) If you have really long hair i'd suggest some type of wax, simply because it has structure and seems less like lethal spikes than gel, and texturizer would barely help and you'd be holding everything up with hairspray alone otherwise. However it would be a similar idea.


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Georgie Thompson Blonde Hairstyles

Georgie Thompson is the sassy English broadcast journalist and television presenter for Sky Sports television.

These are a couple of Georgie's favorite blonde hairstyles, the ultra straight with dark roots, and the prepared "made for TV" blonde with bounce hairstyle.


Here are the pictures for all of you who send me an e-mail if I'll show the pictures from the scarf I made for alter_muffin . (she was the winner of my little giveaway).
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I have to make a plan. If I don't make a plan I always buy things I don't need :( 
So here are the 5 things I "need" :D 
1) Ankle boots 
2) Cardigan
3) Black blazer
4) Basic shirts
5) White tote bag (I'm looking for white bag quite a while now. Every white bag I see in our shops look so cheap). Maybe I'll be luckier in Italy :)

Slo: Še malo, pa bomo dočakale razprodaje. :) Nekatere trgovine (emporium, h&m,....)  imajo že kar velika znižanja. Verjetno celo v nekaterih trgovinah ne bodo naprej zniževali. Vsaj za h&m vem, da imajo potem v času ko se res začnejo razprodaje še najmanj izbire, ker že prej znižajo vse zanimive stvari.

V Italiji se razprodaje začnejo že 3.1.(pri nas 4.1). Namen imam spet obiskati Palmanova Outlet Village. Glede na to, da sem lani dobila kar par všečnih stvari za nizko ceno. Sicer na njihovi strani piše, da imajo že sedaj velike razprodaje (od 26. decembra do 2. januarja), ampak jim ne verjamem, da se sedaj bolj splača :D

Huntington Beach centennial and book

To round out Huntington Beach's centennial year, I'm posting a few photos from 1908, the year before it incorporated as a city. No, I don't know who these people are, but aren't these some great images?
Yes, those are sugar beets in the wagon shown above. Note the dog riding atop the beets.
Joe Santiago (the guy who owns the historic Charles Warner house, and who now has the Manning House hovering over his garage,) writes to tell us that signed copies of his book, Ebb & Flow: 100 Years of Huntington Beach, are available "at California Greetings on Main and Orange Streets downtown for only $12, or unsigned at DeGuelle Glass on Adams and Alabama for only $10."

Gemma Bissix Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Gemma Bissix is a lovely young English actress, who has been in show business since the age 9, and is best known for her role on the soap operas, EastEnders and Hollyoaks.

Checkout these photos of Gemma, while sporting a long sleek straight blonde hairstyle with dark intended roots.