Little Winter Woodlands Rabbit Happy Easter

Happy Bitten by the Bug 2 Monday blog hoppers. This week's challenge cut at BBTB2 is the Rabbit from Winter Woodlands. I had not used this rabbit cut before and I must say she is just adorable! I love the layered pieces and the potential for this cute little bunny. I used cat’s eye chalk to add depth to the edge of the top layer leg and head pieces.

I know that I have jumped the season a bit, but I combined the rabbit cut with the new Easter 2010. I used the Easter basket and eggs from the Easter cartridge, as well as the scalloped circle cut. I used my Copic markers to color the edge of the scalloped circle and to color the flowers and leaf cut out areas on the eggs and basket. I added pearl embellishments, including the black pearl for the Rabbit's eye. I used my usual black and white pens to add dotted embellies.

Do I even need to tell you that the Happy Easter cut came from the Easter cartridge???  Probably not.  I used the same chocolate brown paper for the word shadow as I used for the Rabbit, basket and bow shadows. And again I used a Copic marker on the top layer of cardstock to to match the color on the scallops.
I love the close up of the rabbit in the basket; she looks so sweet and so happy. 

The inside of the card is stamped with a curved Happy Easter stamp.  I have a confession:  I dropped the stamp as I was completing the stamp.  You will note the little smudge on the word Happy.  And finally, below is one last look at the card front.

Note:  The cut file has been added to the list of available cut files in the left column - WW & Easter Rabbit Card.

Beat Dandruff with a GIVEAWAY!

Since I'm a blogger, I get tons of information from all different sources. When I find it interesting I'll share with you guys. The latest thing I just have to share is an email I got from Design Essentials regarding Dandruff. Written by Tara Coyt, "Don't Do Dandruff." It simply explains the cause of dandruff and what can aggrevate the situation. Here is an excerpt:

Why Me?

Most adults have a certain amount of malassezia, a naturally occurring fungus that, when it grows out of control, causes dandruff. The fungus eats up natural oils secreted by hair follicles, causing scalp irritation that results in unsightly, oily white flakes (dry scalp usually produces smaller dry flakes). Dandruff plagues more men than women and is most likely to occur in both sexes from teen years through middle age.

What Makes It Worse?
A number of differing factors can worsen dandruff conditions:
· Increased oil production
· Hormonal fluctuations
· Stress
· A suppressed immune system
· Parkinson's disease
· Infrequent shampooing and
· Extra sensitivity to the malassezia fungus

Awesome information, but what I don't agree with is one of the ways to rid yourself of dandruff - shampoo often. Shampooing often sounds like a great way to beat dandruff, a clean scalp is a healthy scalp right? Yes, but if you are using the wrong type of shampoo (or one that has SLS) your shampoo might be causing the dandruff. Or even worse, you're SLS laden shampoo might be causing your dry scalp. Once I started using shampoo's without SLS in them I found that I did not have to deal with dandruff issues, it was that simple. No more Sulfur 8 for me!

More ways to beat Dandruff if you keep reading! + the GIVEAWAY!

Learn to manage stress. Stress impacts your overall health and can contribute to the onset of dandruff or intensify existing symptoms.

Eat a healthy diet. Health professionals suggest that a diet that includes enough zinc, B vitamins and essential fatty acids may help prevent dandruff.

Get a little sun. A few sunrays may also help diminish or prevent dandruff. But don’t overdo it with sunbathing; just spend a little time outside. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

Avoid styling product build up. Product buildup can increase oiliness, which contributes to dandruff, or can over-dry hair, which leads to dry scalp. Both situations can be avoided by using Design Essentials styling agents which are formulated so that even with frequent use, they won’t cause build up on your hair and scalp, like other products.

More products to help:

Design Essentials Therapeutics Rx Anti-Itch Shampoo with zinc pyrithione has helped many dandruff sufferers by reducing the fungus that causes dandruff (and seborrheic dermatitis). For severe cases, try using Therapeutics shampoo daily until your dandruff is controlled, then cut back to two or three times a week.

Hair specialists also recommend scalp treatments like Design Essentials Therapeutics Rx Anti-Itch Hair + Scalp Treatment to provide additional dandruff control in between shampooing.

Use the contest machine below to enter to win a Design Essentials Therapeutic Rx product!  There will be 2 winners and guess what there are no limits on location!

I'm really glad..

.. that I bought this skirt. So pretty! :)
veromoda skirt, h&m jumper, maxmara socks.
Under the jumper I had this chloe shirt + I wore Killah shoes.


+ there will be 2 giveaways in the next days.. =) be here!
+ I change the template (again).. Do you like it?

Beauty Break: Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Passion Fruit

I'm a sucker for anything that's healthy, but don't get me wrong I don't immediately love it because it claims to be healthy.  Instead, I'm always up for trying something healthy and when I smelled the new Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Passion Fruit I was hooked.  It's a fruity scent with a hint of vanilla.

Here's some more infomation: This limited edition fragrance is a crisp, tropical explosion of Passion Fruit, Guava and Peach Nectar steeped in warm base of sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. Created by master natural perfumers and backed by research, this love-attracting scent is uniquely infused with a romantic blend of powerful aphrodisiacs prized for their seductive properties. The Healthy Fragrance in Vanilla Passion Fruit harnesses the power of natural aphrodisiacs with an infusion of Blue Lotus, Juniper Berry and Clary Sage to lure love and set the mood for passion.

WHY IT’S HEALTHY: Unlike traditional fragrances, The Healthy Fragrance is made of 100% natural ingredients. Free of chemically laden alcohol, petrochemicals and phthalates, Lavanila uses timeless blends of pure essential oils, active botanicals and vita-rich technology for long-lasting, anti-oxidant rich fragrances bursting with beauty benefits.

Available at for $58.00

Film - The Young Victoria

I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to go see 'The Young Victoria' in a theater or not. It seemed, at least from the trailer, more like a Masterpiece Theater production, something that I would rather order on Netflix. But since I'm fascinated with 18th and 19th Century history especially the art, architecture, furniture, clothing and jewelry of those periods, I thought that this was certainly a film to see on a big least on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Emily Blunt's performance in 'The Young Victoria' didn't have the fire of Kate Blanchett in 'Elizabeth', the gravitas of Judi Dench in 'Mrs. Brown' or the purposefulness of Helen Miren in 'The Queen' but that was due more to the script than to her acting.

And I felt that the script was incomplete in the sense that there wasn't enough back story explaining the situation in England. How many people today have an understanding of this historical period and the fragility of the British monarchy after the Revolutionary War, the madness of King George, the French Revolution, the years of war with Napoleon and the pressures of an expanding empire. The film didn't give us any of this historical context.

But what the film did give us was the importance of royal marriages in terms of strategic alliances, and what made this story extraordinary was the fact that the marriage of Victoria and Albert, was not only a brilliant strategic alliance, but a true love match.

Historical and Romantical!

But let's face it, I really saw the film for the costumes and the jewelry like these silver gilt (silver and gold) diamond earrings and diamond riviere necklace.
And what isn't seen in this photo was Victoria's wedding ring, a gold snake symbolizing eternal love. Something similar to this.

Here we have the riviere again

The swagged necklace and hair ornament

The earrings either in pietra dura or cameo, I can't tell from this photo

The gemstone necklace and earrings with gold cannetille

And the all important wedding parure

The wonderful thing about well made Victorian jewelry is that much of it is wearable today, particularly the earrings and the bracelets. A week ago in Miami I was going to purchase a Victorian suite, in the original box, with natural pearls in a pair of bracelets, a necklace and a tiara...the perfect gift for a bride, but I hesitated. But now after watching 'The Young Victoria' I'd like to have more Victorian jewelry not just because it is rich in history but because it is beautiful.
For more about Victorian and other period jewelry take a look at Danielle, I snagged the photos from your post!

Dior Couture Spring/Summer 2010 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

John Galliano for Dior Couture is always a master of the narrative
And I'm certainly loving his Belle Epoque Equestrienne narrative for 2010

Seriously...what's not to love here

and here

and here
These gorgeous riding habits make me think of Sher and her sidesaddle!

But with the good comes the bad

and the ugly

but Galliano as Cavalier is always part of the narrative
Doesn't he look like he just stepped away from his four in hand?

Playing With New Toys

I was so happy to see UPS arrive at my door today bearing my Custom Crops order. In addition to some really pretty Valentine Paper I also received the Mother's Day cartridge. Initially I was not very excited about this cartridge, but upon closer inspection I discovered that it contains some really pretty cuts. And I discovered that it does not have to be all about mom.

As I looked at the pretty cuts, I noticed this really pretty floral vine. When I placed the cut on the mat in Design Studio I realized that when I turned the vine upside down it resembled a floral heart. Given that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I decided to make a card.

I used five colors of Core'dination cardstock to create this card: Jenni Bowlin Core Impressions embossed black, white washed red, white washed pink, plain white, and gold. I cut the shadow of the vine in plain white. I cut the vine cut twice, once in white washed red, once in white washed pink. I used scissors to trim away the flowers on the pink cut. I then attached the pink cut over the red cut. I used a 1/4 inch hole punch to create the gold flower centers. Finally I cut the tag, using the hide select contour feature, in black.

Paris Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2010

Paris Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2010

paris fashion week spring summer 2010

2010 paris fashion week spring summer

paris fashion week spring summer

Paris Fashion Week 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier

Paris Fashion Week 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier

Paris Fashion Week 2010

Paris Fashion Clothes

paris fashion week style

American Fashion Clothes For Girls

American Fashion Clothes For Girls

Fashion Clothes For Girls Of America

American Latest Fashion Clothes For Girls

Latest Fashion Clothes For Girls

Pork The New Viagra - Who Knew?

Yeah, I really have to admit that I'm impressed with Christiana Ferndadez, the President of Argentina.
This woman really knows how to sell a product...pork.

Many people in this beef-loving nation reacted with surprise Thursday after Cristina Fernandez promoted pork in a speech during which she not only said pork is better than Viagra, but suggested she's personally proven it.
"I didn't know that eating pork improved sexual activity,"
Fernandez said in a meeting with representatives of the swine industry late Wednesday. "It is much more gratifying to eat some grilled pork than to take Viagra."

Naturally the head of the association of pork producers had something to add
Juan Luis Uccelli, supported Fernandez's speech by saying that Denmark and Japan have a much more "harmonious" sexual life then the Argentines because they eat a lot of pig meat.
"In Osaka, Japan, there is a village in which the people who reached 105 years old and ate a lot of pork had a lot of sexual activity," he told radio Mitre.

Admittedly, Ferndandez's speech was a bit tongue in cheek
but who believes this hard sell nonsense from Uccelli?

Well we all know that in advertising sex sells
So now I'm wondering should I change the marketing message for Beladora to
Estate Jewelry....better than Viagra!

2 x 2€

megafactory outlet Kranj
Veromoda tulip skirt ( 2€)  and Only black dress (2€)
*happy* =)

Tinka Černugelj

She is a young Slovenian designer. Here are some of her creations :) 
I have this skirt made by her and I want mooooooore :D
(Unfortunatelly I'm broke.. but there will be the day when I'll be rich and I'll bought all the knitewear I love :) )

You can contact her at her email: