Puma Shoes

Puma AG Rudolf Dassler Sport, officially branded as PUMA, is a major German multinational company that produces high-end athletic shoes, lifestyle footwear and other sportswear. Formed in 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, relationships between the two brothers deteriorated until the two agreed to split in 1948, forming two separate entities, Adidas and Puma. Puma is currently based in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Elegant Black and White Puma

The company is known for its football shoes and has sponsored acclaimed footballers, including Pelé, Eusébio, Johan Cruijff, Enzo Francescoli, Diego Maradona, Lothar Matthäus, Kenny Dalglish, Didier Deschamps and Gianluigi Buffon. Puma is also the sponsor of the Jamaican track athlete Usain Bolt. In the United States, the company is probably best known for the suede basketball shoe it introduced in 1968, which eventually bore the name of New York Knicks basketball star Walt "Clyde" Frazier, and for its endorsement partnership with Joe Namath.

Puma Shoes Black and White Edition

Following the split from his brother, Rudolf Dassler originally registered the new-established company as Ruda, but later changed to Puma.[3]:31 Puma's earliest logo consisted of a square and beast jumping through a D, which was registered, along with the company's name, in 1948. Puma's shoe designs feature the distinctive "Formstripe",[3]:33 with clothing and other products having the logo printed on them.

Black and White Puma Shoes
Puma Shoes for Girls

The company also offers lines shoes and sports clothing, designed by Lamine Kouyate, Amy Garbers and others. Since 1996 Puma has intensified its activities in the United States. Puma owns 25% of American brand sports clothing maker Logo Athletic, which is licensed by American professional basketball and association football leagues. Since 2007 Puma AG has been part of the French luxury group PPR.

Red and White Puma Shoes

Celebs Are Loving Lace — Guess Who's Wearing the Dainty Look!

Lace has been all over the red carpet lately. From vampy black to delicate white to retro red, lacy frocks are cropping up on celebs everywhere — and we're putting you to the test! Can you guess the celebs behind these latest lacy looks?

Guess the Celeb by Her Slammin' Summer Shoe!

Summer shoes is the perfect time to show off a cute pedi and scintillating shoes. Candy-colored flats, patterned platform pumps, and pretty nude tones are just some of what we spotted on celebs hot footin' around town. Take our quiz to see if you can guess the cutie by her slammin' Summer shoe — good luck!

" Jennifer Garner " Gallery Pictures

Hermes 2011

What an amazing runway show
from the clothes, to the music to the dressage horses
totally Hermes
(ignore the obligatory commercial at the beginning of the video)

Revisiting Halloween Past

Yesterday I said there would be a surprise post today - surprising to both of us as I had no idea what I would be making.  Well, sadly what I made was a horrid headache!  The headache stole both my creative mojo and my concentration so the surprise Halloween project I am sharing is from last Halloween.

I really liked this treat box and card set.  The box is the classic matchbox style with a wrap around sleeve and a slide out box. I chose Basic Grey Halloween print paper to make the box spooky fun. I welded the spider web from Paper Doll Dress Up into an oval to make the top of the box for a spooky touch.  I also crafted an oval tag with it's cute little monster and attached the tag to the box. 

I also made a matching card to go with the box.  One of my favorite little goblins received this box (with six fun size candy bars inside) and this card.

My headache is fading so I am hopeful that as the pain goes away my creative mojo will return!  Let's hope so because I have not completed my BBTB2 project of the week yet!

Classic + Vintage Wedding Dress

Classic + Vintage Wedding Dress

vintage dress with tiered band lining and sheer long sleeves

Church's Outfit


Held the wedding inside the church is still popular among brides, they need to wear a 'polite' attire as it become the sacral moment in their life. Long sleeves with high neck is one of best gown for church wedding, you can cover it with long veil falls down gracefuly almost touching floor.

The Short


Short bridal gown definitely would be the best attire for those brides demanding on super relaxed and comfortable one. By this style they can enjoy the whole procession without being aware of the dirt long formal gown when walk down the aisle.

The Vintage



Lovely Halter Dress


"halter dress"

Knott's first Halloween Haunt, 1973

Today's images come from the Knott's Berry Farm Collection at the Orange County Archives, and show the first Knott's Halloween Haunt, in 1973. Note that the event ran for only three nights -- not an entire month, like today. Also note, in the photo below, the much shorter lines at the entrance gate.
Today, the Haunt is a juggernaut and brings in much of the theme park's profits for the year. The majority of Knott's backstage warehouse space is filled with Haunt props and equipment, and a surprisingly large portion of the year is spent preparing for this lucrative event.
In the photo above, two of Knott's roving "monsters" take a break backstage. That's the least menacing Frankenstein's Monster I've ever seen. The Haunt has gotten a lot scarier over the years.
When the first Haunt was held, the new Gypsy Camp section of Knott's had just opened. It was a flop and didn't last long, but they made good use of it during the Halloween festivities. The photo below shows what appears to be a costume contest on a big outdoor stage in Gypsy Camp.
In the photo below, Haunt host Sinister Seymour (of local late-night TV fame) poses for a photo with participants in a Seymour look-alike contest. The group is standing in front of the newly opened John Wayne Theatre in Gypsy Camp.

In case I don't get the chance to blog again this weekend,... Have a happy, spooky, kooky Halloween!

The Sparklefication of Halloween

From Deep Glamour
Remember when Halloween was scary?
I barely do. These days, it's all "sexy" costumes for the ladies and decidedly un-sexy, not-even-funny joke costumes for the guys. And on the decorating front, instead of ghoulish graveyards or even dark and mysterious haunted houses, those of us trying to deck out our houses for the holiday get...glitter.

A clever post by Kit Pollard of the transformation of Halloween from the dark and daunting to the bright and sparkly.
For this phenomenon, I blame Stephenie Meyer and her band of chaste, "vegetarian" vampires who, instead of burning up in the sun, sparkle like a fleet of immortals dressed for a night out at Studio 54.*

The sparkle is just one more way that vampires - who used to be a genuinely scary staple of the Halloween season - have been softened. Last year on Slate, Grady Hendrix wrote a great summary of the evolution of the vampire from bloodthirsty killer to emo virgin.

The sparklefication of Halloween is not a surprise, though - it's mostly a matter of supply and demand. With Twilight moms holding a whole lot of purchasing power, it's only natural that the glitter goods would fly off the shelves. I can't blame product designers and stores for delivering what the people want.

For some reason, I don't really know why, I have never been a fan of Halloween. The dressing up part was fine, it was the overabundance of candy that I didn't care for.
Now, it has evolved from a children's holiday to every woman's excuse for wearing the slutty-est outfit she can get away with
and of course glitter galore.
I shall ignore the whole thing as I do every year.

Spooky Boo Alice Card with Nesties

Only two days left until All Hallows Eve so my week of Halloween themed projects is close to winding up.  Today's card features some of the same elements that I have shared in earlier posts this week, Graphic 45 paper, Prima flowers, fun fall papers, and Halloween ribbons.  Of course the elements are put together differently making a completely new card.  I love that about paper crafting.

The main image of the card is from Graphic 45's Hallowe'en  in Wonderland line.  The image was cut out with a nestabilities, as was the cardstock mat behind the image.  The matting was embossed with a Spellbinder's metal embossing sheet before being affixed behind the top image.  

The base card is black (as is the matching envelope) with wonderful orange and cream print paper added to the front.  Atop the front paper I added an angled rectangle of lighter colored matting to create a bit of contrast between the orange background and the copper image matting.

I trimmed the Hallowe'en in Wonderland card and tucked it under the edge of the image and added a yellow Prima flower that matches the gold color in the image.  I added a row of lace and topped the lace with a fun Halloween "Spooky Boo" ribbon and bow.  A bit of black doodling around the edges of the card added a bit of interest to the edges..  Inside I added a square of smooth white cardstock to hold the Halloween message.

This card is one of my favorites of the season.  I like the simplicity and elegance.   I will be back tomorrow with a new project to share.  This project will be a surprise - for all of us as I have NO idea what I am going to make!!  I will see you tomorrow!

Thank you to Carole - My Sweet DT Sister

I have to send out a big thank you to my BBTB2 Design Team Sister - Carole Lowe Beath!!  I left a comment on Carole's blog Paper Arts telling her that I liked her banner and that should it need a good home I had just the spot! Carole is such a sweetie, she mailed her BOO Banner to me!!  What a fun surprise when I opened my mail today!!!

Thank you SOOO MUCH Carole.  I love my new banner!!!!

Blog Candy Winner from Monday's Blog Hop

The blog hop winner for this month is:

Tammy (who) said...

Beautiful banner Susan! I love fall decorating too. Looking forward to more banners on the blog hop!

Tammy I will need to give your email address to Custom Crops and they will be sending you a voucher worth $25 in their on-line store.  You can pick whatever you would like.  Cool huh?  I love free shopping!!!

Thanks for all of the comments everyone.

Halloween in Santa Ana, 1894

The earliest description of a Halloween celebration in Orange County I've found so far is of a Santa Ana "Halloween Party." The following comes from the Los Angeles Times, Nov. 2, 1894 :

"A circle of young people passed a very pleasant season in the G.A.R. Hall Wednesday evening in celebrating All Saints' day. The mysteries of 'ye olden time' were delved into by the young people in a pleasant and interesting manner and many were the happy surprises enjoyed by them all. At a late hour refreshements of tamales, coffee and sandwiches, furnished and prepared by the gentlemen, were served, after which toasts were responded to by Messers. E.B. Turner, Lon Hickox and John Nourse.

It was the hour of midnight before the party, composed of the following ladies and gentlemen, departed for their homes:Misses Conley, Collins, Clara and Grace Carpenter, Flook, Mansur, Padgam, Stone, Walker, Clara and Maye Wight and Messrs. Heron, Caskey, Gould, Nourse, Chilton, Hasel, Hervey, Turner, Hickox, McIntier, Bell and Carpenter."

So,... They celebrated Halloween by eating Mexican food and staying up late talking about history. I'm a little annoyed that I didn't get to attend!
For the record, the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) Hall was on the southeast corner of Main and 4th St. (The building they held the party in is now long gone.)
Halloween itself didn't really get rolling as a holiday in America until the 1840s, when waves of Irish immigrants came to this country. Even as late as 1889, the celebration of Halloween was novel enough in Southern California that the Times saw fit to explain it to their readers:
"It is the night of all others, when spirits walk abroad, and is observe with an immense consumption of nuts and apples. The apples were once set floating in a tub of water, into which the juveniles by turn ducked their heads in order to catch one of the fruit."

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