Saturday Events

Yesterday marked the end of an era at my house.... My youngest child, Ian, attended his senior prom! It was a bittersweet moment as a parent. Ian is so independent and has such a nice sense of self that he does not feel the need to follow the crowd, as evidenced by his choice of prom attire. And as proud of him as I am, I will miss him just as much as I miss his siblings when he goes to college.

This is Ian and his date Mary (Note to Diane - she is from Boston!):

Also this weekend, my WONDERFUL friend and neighbor Andrea created this amazing wreath for my front door. My entry way is set in a bit and is often a bit dark (black door surrounded by dark red brick - duhhh) but this wreath is so bright and pretty it is easily visible from the street.

Andrea is one of the most talented stampers I know, so making her a thank you card was a bit of a challenge. I decided to use the purse card I had been working on. NOTE: THE CUT FILE HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE FREE DOWNLOADABLE CUT FILE MENU IN THE LEFT COLUMN.

And inside is an optional spot to tuck away a gift card:

I hope Andrea liked her card at least a bit as well as I LOVE my wreath!!