Mother Colony House and Woelke-Stoffle House

Today's photos are from July 16, 1950, when the Mother Colony House (1857) in Anaheim was declared a State Historic Landmark. In the photo below, we see both the Victorian Woelke-Stoffel House (1894) (a.k.a. "The Red Cross House") and the Mother Colony House on that same auspicious day. The dark building in the background is a vineyard distillery barn which no longer stands.
It appears these fellows consecrated the ground by doing the Dance of the White Shirted Businessmen around a ceremonial totem. Round and round they go. You can almost hear them chanting.
The Mother Colony House is open for tours by appointment (see link above) and the Woelke-Stoffel house is currently undergoing a significant restoration/preservation effort. Drive down West St. near Sycamore if you'd like to see these historic buildings and the magnificent fig tree next door.
Update: Reader ColonyRabble posted the following in the comments, but I thought it should be brought up here to the front page where everyone will see it: "I am very pleased to report that both structures are about to be incorporated into a public park for the interpretation of local history, overseen by the lovely Jane Newell! The ginourmous fig tree (that is the Latin, of course) will be included, along with some new construction for display space, so we can get some larger artifacts out of the Central Library basement (and bomb shelter) and out where kids can learn. Very exciting stuff happening in Anaheim."