Tia Carrera Hairstyles

Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo. Some claim that she uses the name Tia because her little sister, Alesaundra, couldn't say Althea, just Tia, but Tia is a well known nickname for Althea and had nothing to do with her sister. Carrere was simply an invention that sounded familiar enough to be recognizable... it had nothing to do with Barbara Carrara as some people say. The name was 'invented' by her manager and boyfriend (until 1985) Date of birth: 02 january 1967, Honolulu, HI Height: 5'8"
Ancestry: She is from Hawaii, that means her blood is partly Filipino, Chinese and Spanish
Spouse: She married Elie Samaha (Lebanese-Italian) (22.November 1992)
They divorced in 1999 Family: Little sister: Alesaundra. Her mother and father are divorced.