Top 5 Nail Colors for Winter 2010

As the temperature gets colder, our nails typically get darker. Nail trends for this Fall are no exception. The top 5 nail colors this season are dark, sparkly and attention getting!



Metallic polishes in silver, gold, bronze and copper are a fun way to add some glitzy glam to your Winter wardrobe. These shades are perfect for all of your holiday parties! (These are my favorite colors.)

Yes, black nails are still in. Not only are they in, they’re basically becoming the fall back color for most ladies. In between manicures, it’s easy to just swipe a coat of black polish on to get you by ’til your next appointment.  (although it's not my favorite pick)


Greens of all shades are popular this Fall. Though it’s true that Fall nail trends are typically dark, light green shades are the exception this season. Light jades, primary greens and deep emeralds are all a go.


Stylists have been predicting that blue polish is the new black for some time. The problem is, the blue polishes that came out in the past were not dark enough to even be considered in the same category. This season, things are different. The navy polishes that we’re seeing might just give black a run for its money.


It’s safe to say jewel tones in general are a trend this season. Sapphire, emerald and ruby hues are all super stylish especially when they’re taken a hue darker.