Hair Therapy Wrap

Hair Therapy Wrap

Remember when I was chatting about BeautyFix?  Well I finally got my package and I have to say the best item is my Hair Therapy Wrap.  Since I gave you guys a discount code so you end up only paying $19.99 for the entire thing, I have to say it was a good deal.  A heat therapy wrap plus a bunch of other sample sized goodies, the wrap itself is about $25.00!  But I also have to say if I paid full price and the heat therapy wrap wasn't available, I would have felt ripped off. 

When I first opened up the Hair Therapy Wrap, I was a bit confused.  The shape of the wrap is a bit strange, I wonder why they didn't make it more round.  I popped it into the microwave for the recommended 10 seconds and I didn't feel any heat.  So I kept heating it over and over at 10 second intervals for about 90 seconds.  Still it didn't feel hot but I slapped it on anyway, I was completely wrong!  It was nice and warm.  I left the Hair Therapy Wrap on for about an hour and then took it off and put my Pretty Wrap on and went to bed.  My hair was super soft in the morning, I rinsed out the Creme of Nature Professional Treatment and my hair was easy to detangle, blowdry, and style.  

So here is how the Hair Therapy Wrap works:
1. Apply your conditioner or deep treatment
2. Cover with a plastic cap
3. Heat up your Hair Therapy Wrap (either microwave or stovetop)
4. Put it on your head and relax!

It's that simple, it's easier than using a bonnet dryer and the results are similar.  I plan on using this all summer instead of the super hot bonnet dryer, plus there's nothing to plug in so I can roam all over my home with it on. 

College Bound Diva's - This is perfect for you guys because it doesn't require cords just a microwave!