Lifestyle Leak: Spice

Thai food is one of my absolute favorite types of food.  I really like spicy and exotic dishes so my boyfriend naturally thought Spice would be the perfect place for a date. 

Restaurant description: Spice was first established in 1997 in the upper eastside with the concept to Americanize Thai food in a place with a modern dr. As our popularity grew due to our wonderful and loyal patrons we expanded to locations in Chelsea and University Place (currently relocated to Union Sq.). Both locations are not only cutting edge but also in busy areas with lots of nearby activities.

Thoughts:  I can't even remember everything I ate, but I do know the appetitzers were the great!  If I were to return I would only order a bunch of different appetitizers and share.  I stopped by the University Place location back when that was open and hopefully they moved to a larger location.  I wasn't even able to put my coat and purse in a good place, instead I had to leave my coat on and stash my purse on my lap.  That typical NYC cramped dining style... again.  Apps worth ordering Curry Puffs, Jade Seafood Dumplings and of course you can't eat Thai without a Thai Iced Tea! 

Try it for yourself:
Spice (East Village)
104 2nd Avenue New York NY 10003

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