OMG!!!! - So Bananas - I Could Die

Was yesterday the best day ever....the sun came out and I think that the summer finally started
I went down to Laguna Beach to spend the day with the family and
at my mother's house I saw the finally saw the print issue of ELLE magazine
the one with the Julia Roberts photos
and then surprise of all surprises
There was a fashion spread with Kim Kardashian (OMG!!!) and Justin Bieber ( double OMG!!!!!)
and Kim was frolicking in the water in Jean Mahie jewelry from you know where
here's the video from

Isn't Kim pretty...she has some serious assets.
OK...full disclosure here...I basically have no idea who Justin Bieber is
but I know that he is very high up on constellation the celebrity hierarchy
so I am pleased.
And today, it is 6:40 am and the sun is out this morning for the first time in months.