i am sooooo happy - theoutnet.com 2nd birthday sale

i won a ticket for theoutnet birthday sale! :DDD designer clothes, shoes, bags,... everything for 2€... :D
they picked only 2000 people.. and i was one of them... omg i just can't believe it..
i woke up at 7 o'clock and go by the computer waiting for the sale to begin... they said it will be between 8 and 9 am.. as I realized it was UK time so I had to wait 2 hours by the computer for sale to start... 
then a few minutes after 9 they send me this e-mail: 
and my hands started shaking... :D 
i knew i had seconds for my order, so i decided to go grab a bag.. but when i came to checkout the item was sold out.. omg so stressful... :O 
and FINALLY i got lucky clicking on random marc jacobs bag... and it's MINE for 2€ :DD ahahahha can't believe it.. i am so euphoric right now... i forgot how to type, i forgot to breath... it is really a lot of adrenalin running through my veins... :D

soooooooooo... here is THE deal :D 

isn't this great... such a pretty evening bag for this summer... love the color.. it will go stunning with blue, yellow,... everything.. and love the studded detail on it.. omg :D

then I wanted to go back on the sale to do some print screens for all of you who haven't been able to see what was up for sale.. but i got this banner:
so sorry I can't show you what was up for sale.. but if I am honest I also didn't see much... I had time to properly look at my new bag after I made a purchase.. everything was so quick...