Lifestyle Leak: Homemade Piggies in the Blanket

If you read Beauty Blvd. then you would know that I moved out on my own. First, let me say I absolutely love my place, my new found freedom, but what's lacking is dinner. Since, I only have myself to cook for usually I just whip up something fast instead of actually planning a meal to include all the necessities - resulting in more than a few additional pounds packed onto my frame. My favorite snack food is piggies in the blanket! I was purchasing the small hor dovur box until I realized I can make these for so much cheaper and they taste better.

It's super easy - all you need is a package of Nathan's 100% beef lil franks, Pillsbury Crescent rolls, and a little butter or olive oil.

Step 1 - Open the lil franks and the Pillsbury Crescent rolls
Step 2 - Spread out the crescent roll dough and cut into strips
Step 3 - Take about a 1 inch strip of rolled out dough and wrap in around the lil frank, place on a non-stick baking sheet
Step 4 - Repeat step 3 until all the franks are wrapped
Step 5 - melt the butter in the microwave and coat the tops of the wrapped franks to help brown
Step 6 - pop in the oven for about 15 minutes on 350 degrees
Step 7 - remove from oven, let cool
Step 8 - EAT & Enjoy (with a little mustard on the side)!