Lifestyle Leak: Pacifica Candles

Aromatic Christmas Holiday Home Decor Soy Wax Tahitian Gardenia Scented Candle - By Pacifica

I'm a huge fan of candles.  I have at least one candle in every room of my place and the newest candle in my collection that I'm absolutely loving is Pacifica Soy Candle in Tahitian Gardenia.  I've decided to place in the candle in my bathroom to match my newest favorite body wash, Pacifica Body Wash in Tahitian Gardenia.  The Soy Candle burns cleanly and releases scent generously, as with all Pacifica products the signature fragrance blends with essential and natural oils.  Since my bathroom is pretty small, I can smell the gardenia's even when the candle is not burning, it's fantastic! 

Try it for yourself!
Available at your local Sephora for $22.00