Design Essentials Solves Scalp Issues with Shampoo

Whenever the seasons change my scalp gets a little freaked out, whether it gets really dry and itchy or overly oil whenever the weather starts to switch up my scalp gets confused. I'm sure I'm not alone on this one, right ladies?

We all know that a healthy scalp is one of the keys to healthy hair, that's why I pay attention to what's going on down on the scalp level to ensure things are going well. Lately, I've noticed that my scalp is really dry in certain areas and nothing seems to be helping. That is until I tried the Design Essentials Therapeutics Anti-Itch Shampoo, I decided I didn't want to use it all over my head and instead I focused on the driest spots which was right in the front by my hairline. Even though the shampoo is gentle, for some reason I didn't want it all over my scalp. It worked good after the very first use and the results lasted even longer after each wash. Now I'm finding that I actually don't even need to use this shampoo anymore so it's back in the hair care closet until it's needed again.

If you can't find this product at your local BSS, you can purchase it online for just $9.90