Lost A Button? Try Marina's Quick Fix Tip.

You're at the photo shoot, or at an important meeting or let's say a wedding, when all of a sudden a button that's been threatening to loosen itself for days finally decides to pop. What can you do, especially if it's in a highly visible spot?
Try Marina's quick fix tip: A pragmatic approach to a totally annoying problem...LOL

1. Find a twist tie, the ones from a loaf of bread, and strip away the paper.
2. Position the button in the spot it just popped off from and poke one end of the wire through a thread hole from the underside. Then guide it through the corresponding buttonhole, and bring it back down through the diagonally opposite hole.
3. Twist up the ends and poke them through one of the unused button holes.
4. If you can find tape that'd be great to cover up the loose ends with it to avoid being poked or snagging your clothes.