The Orange Squirrel: Lifestyle Leak

Whenever I read about great restaurants right in my area, they are automatically added to my mental list of places to try. Then when I read about the place having amazing steak, it immediately hits the top of my mental list which was the case with The Orange Squirrel.
The location of the restaurant is terrible, but that's not a deal breaker for me. I ended up getting a parking spot right in front of the restaurant, so no complaints there. When we walked in there was no one to greet us so we stood there for about 1 minute before getting seated, but we were about to select our table (there's only about 10-15 tables). The decor is very simple, pretty much just plain tables and orange chairs.
I read an amazing review on the Dry Aged Rib Eye so naturally that's what I selected. My boyfriend on the other hand selected the Salmon with spinach cream. I was not in the mood for alcohol so I didn't have any drinks so no reports on the bar. For side items, which did not come with our meals, we picked the Fontina Macaroni & Cheese and the Creamed Spinach.

I ordered my steak medium well and it was just a tad bit overcooked! Seems to be a trend lately, huh? It smelled amazing and came to the table an old school cast iron skillet, but it really didn't taste that great. I ate a few bites and took the rest home, my grandmother liked it and my puppy Prince LOVED the huge bone.
My boyfriends meal was lacking too, first of all it came out in a puddle of green 'sauce'. The top of the salmon had a great crispy texture and a nice flavor but the piece was so thick that the inside wasn't as cooked as we like, but that's a preference thing. The sauce under it had little to no taste, so that was disappointing and the side dishes fell flat as well. Overall our meal did not live up to our expectations and was a bit on the pricer side, not a problem if the food had been outstanding. Bottom line: We won't be back.

Try it for yourself:
The Orange Squirrel
412 Bloomfield Ave.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Tel. 973.337.6421