Tip of the day: Caring for Clothes Made from Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is a fabric produced from silkworms. This fabric is very soft and smooth so the price is very expensive. Clothing made from silk material always look beautiful. Many choices of colors, motifs, and a very fine material, making the women make this as a collection of clothing to be worn on formal or casual occasions.

If you have clothes made from silk fabric, you need accuracy and patience to take care of it. In addition, the price is more expensive compared to other clothing materials so you definitely do not want your silk clothing collections damaged by the wrong treatment.

Here it tips you can try to care for your favorite collection

1. For any reason, do not use a washing machine, wash your silk clothes by hand.
2. Do not soak silk clothes into the detergent. Use a shampoo that has gentle formula or use baby shampoo. Soak in other place, do not mixed with other clothing.
3. When rinsing, be careful, do not need to squeeze your silk clothes too strong.
4. When drain, just in the wind-aired in a place far from the reach of  sunlight.
5. When your clothes are almost dry, you can  iron your silk clothing. Do not iron directly on the outside, iron on the inside with  medium temperature.
6. Make sure your wardrobe is free from insects that can damage your silk clothes. Use insect repellent specifically for wardrobe.
7. In order for your clothes not to wrinkle and fade due to being stored for too long, wrap yoursil clothes with a special plastic for clothing.