Mizani Butter Blend - Self Relaxing Prep

I'm a DIY-er when it comes to my hair for the most part.  Sometimes I do it myself and other times I go and get it down, but I'm sort of fed up with stylists so I went ahead and relaxed my own hair.  For me the relaxer prep is the part that takes the longest, between protecting and basing my scalp then add in the part where I protect my relaxed hair.

How I do it:

1.  Section my hair into six sections - three on each side
MIZANI Butter Blend Butter Base Scalp Protector 16 oz
2.  Apply Mizani Butter Blends Scalp Protector to my scalp, around my hairline, and to the tops of my ears.
MIZANI Butter Blend Honey Shield Protective Per-Treatment-33.8oz
3.  Apply Mizani Butter Blends Honey Shield Protective Pre-Treatment to the length of my hair that has already been relaxed.