Sofn'free GroHealthy

A while back I was invited to try a new line of products from Sofn'free GroHealthy.  I was open to try the products because they contain Milk Protein & Olive Oil. 

All the products contain:
  • Milk Protein to soothe the scalp, and strengthen and add shine to your hair
  • Olive Oil to promote a healthy scalp, repair damage and add even MORE shine
  • Omega 3 to rebuild, strengthen & protect your hair from within

The product line includes: Daily Growth Lotion, Srengthening Creme, Leave-In Treatment, Three Layer Oil, and Really Deep Conditioning Treatment. 
My favorite product is the Strengthening Creme.  It's a tad bit thick but it worked great when I was stretching my relaxer.  Product Description: Don't wait another day to protect your hair. This medley of natural ingredients conditions and moisturizes your hair instantly while boosting its resistance to any potential damage. 
AHS Thoughts:  While I was stretching my relaxer I was wearing all buns, so I would spritz my ends with a moisturizer and then apply this throughout my hair before I bunned.  This product helped keep my hair moisturized and maintained it's softness.  I think it's a bit too heavy for my freshly relaxed hair or thinner hair types.  Plus as an added bonus it smells kind of like cake batter.