Beauty Break: Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Fashion Fair is revamping their line. Included in the revamping are a few new skin care products. Fashion Fair Cosmetics is introducing a rejuvenating skin care collection that offers innovative solutions for the unique challenges faced by women of color. Designed in three systems that meet the specific needs of oily, dry and combination skin, the exciting cadre of products — moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliants and more — affirm that beauty begins with healthy skin. Products such as Daily Hydrating Cleansing Cream (preserves the skin’s essential oils), Oil Minimizing Toner (stimulates cell turnover and leaves skin with a fresh, matte finish) and Balancing Light Moisturizer (helps fight premature aging with vitamin E, antioxidants and natural conditioners) allow women to follow easy regimens that let their natural complexions shine. Now please note, I was provided with these products for review, but since I"m on a strict regimen from the dermatologist I gifted the products to my mom and grandmother for use. So far so good, no complaints from them.

Continuing with the overhaul of the brand, the cosmetics are getting a makeover in the form of new packaging. Fashion Fair Creative Beauty Director Roxanna Floyd, states “Fashion Fair Cosmetics is a leader in the category for women of color, and it is still committed to constantly enhancing their ‘beauty experience,’ whether in perfectly matched foundations and powders or smart skin care products.” Roxanna Floyd who is also, renowned celebrity makeup artist to superstars including Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston goes on to say, “Fashion Fair products have been must-have staples for me over the years, whether I’m making up famous faces or working with beautiful, everyday women who want to look like themselves, only more ‘finished’ and fabulous.” What do you think? Is Fashion Fair a brand that you believe is a leader in the category for women of color?

Next time you're in a department store, check out the Fashion Fair counter.