Spring 2010 Hair Trends: Lady GaGa Style

Lady GaGa has taken the music and pop world by storm, filling our heads with catchy tunes and killing us with her electic fashion sense.  Most notably is the bow of hair and while you might not choose to rock your front and slightly off center, you have certainly considered rocking a bow of some sorts. 

Rebecca Taylor - Backstage - Spring 2010 MBFW
Take a cue from Lady GaGa and the models at the Rebecca Taylor Spring 2010 Fashion Show and rock a HAIR BOW, yes literally! 

Rebecca Taylor - Runway - Spring 2010 MBFW

Rock the Look:

1. Apply Cutler Straightening Cream onto damp hair and blow dry straight and away from the face. Use a flat iron when necessary to get the hair clean and smooth

2. Secure a tight ponytail just below the center of the head

3. Then, using a flat paddle hairbrush, brush the ponytail to the left(approximately two inches from the center of the head) and secure with bobby pins

4. Gather the hair in the ponytail and fold it backwards towards the right of the head (approximately two inches from the center) and secure with bobby pins underneath to conceal the hair

5. Take the hair on the right side and fold it toward the center of the head, wrapping the remaining tresses over the hair band and securing underneath to finalize the bow

6. Set the hair with Redken Workforce 09 for a light hold

Fashion Note:
A staple in every girl’s closet, Rebecca Taylor unveiled feminine pieces with strong tailored jackets and shorts. “I wanted to create a style that was fresh and young like the clothes, but simple enough so as not to overpower the designs,” says Dai Michishita, Cutler/Redken’s lead hairstylist for the show.