Rihanna’s Best Short Haircuts

Are you trying to recreate one of Rihannas recent haircuts? Well, you are not the only one, in fact many people are asking their hairdressers “How to get Rihannas haircut?” It’s time for a little show and tell!
Rihannas short Hairstyles
The sexy bob that is angled to one side that is shorted at the back and longer at the front actually needs a lot more work than originally thought. It can be cut to be an even length bob on both sides and then arrange so that it appears asymmetrical but the best thing to do is have it cut like this if you want the full on Rihanna effect.

Chemical relaxers are normally used with hair that isn’t already dead straight and this is best achieved in the hairdressers to reduce the risk of burnt scalps. Once this is completed, straightening the hair is necessary to give it that poker straight look that has become reminiscent of the young singers hairstyle. The hair is then cut while it is straight to give the best results.
Rihannas sexy bob Hairstyle