Bob Hair Cut

The Bob hair cut is one of those classics hairstyles that seem to never go out of trend. No matter what the current fashion goes, it is always there.

  1. The most conservative of the Bob, the sleek one-length cut is always in style. This sophisticated cut can be trimmed to a length that is attractive to almost any face shape. The first style pictured is gently fringed at the bottom so that it is very soft around the perimeter. It is worn without bangs so that the front adds a lot of drama to the style. Style this cut by applying a light volumizing gel or mousse to damp hair and then blowing it dry with a large round brush. If your hair needs more encouragement to bend, use a large diameter curling iron, (about one and one-half inches) to curve the ends under.
  2. A flirty variation is the flippy Bob, layered in the bottom two inches and worn with texturized bangs. The secret to this cut is to take out enough of the bulk at the bottom to allow it to flip out but leave enough so that it doesn’t lose its signature line. This style is also very attractive when allowed to slightly curve under close to the neck. Style this cut as you would the one-length bob except using your large curling iron to turn the ends out slightly.
  3. More layering will release your natural curl to form this curly Bob. To style this look, generously apply a curl encouraging gel or mousse. Dry it using a diffuser or just naturally while you scrunch it. Be careful to keep the curls big and chunky. Too much combing or manipulation will separate the curls and cause a frizzy appearance. You can use a curling iron to direct some of the curls toward your face.