Long Hairstyles for Long Faces 2010

Long Hairstyles for Long Faces - Fall Winter 2010 Hairstyles Tips

We would all love to have a beautiful head full of hair. Right now, it seems that there is a wide variety of styles out there. Celebrities are definitely setting the hair and fashion trend. Because there are so many styles out there, it can become hard to choose. In order to narrow down your search, take a look at the shape of your face. Those of you who have a long face, might want to look into having long hair! Take a look and see what you can do to give yourself.
S.J. Parker With Her Long Hair For Long Face Shape
People who have longer faces typically have larger foreheads. If you have a longer face, but you want longer hair, add some bangs. Those who have bangs will be able to cover up that forehead and get you on your way! The main thing that you need to remember with longer styles is you do need to add some variation. You want to be able to have a lot of variety. In this case, try to frame your face. You can do this by adding bangs or even layers!
Layers are great for those looking to shape their face. With longer faces, you do not need to do as much as you would with a round face. Your face already has the shape that is designed for long hair. Long hair works to actually to give the illusion that your face is longer as well as slimmer. Talk to your stylist about what you can do for your long face and how you should wear your long hair!