Celebrity Hairstyles Review

celebrity haircuts are the first things you look at when planning your hair style change. Of course it helps that celebrities are everywhere, but the latest celebrity hairstyles are a great source of inspiration because they're usually on the cutting-edge of what's new and trendy- it's a celebrity's job (after all) to make sure that limelight doesn't yellow and fade away.

Since celebrities are so fashionable, celebrity hair styles is one of the biggest of our comprehensive range of hairstyle categories at TheHairStyler.Com. Have a look at some of our celebrity hairstyle pictures, and you can even try them yourself

This stunning diva kept her auburn mane very similar, opting out of her long locks and strips of blonde from 2002. Kelly cut her sassy tresses off into a long bob, which I think is a great styling transition from the look of her earlier days.

The very talented Fantasia always looks great but her new style seems to lack pizzazz. I love her first hairstyle from when she won American Idol in 2004 as this cut gives her the right shape and character around her face. It's a great choice!

Carrie sure has changed since her debut in 2005 and I love her look now. The sexy waves and the golden blonde tones with the heavy side bangs gives her an all over stunning look