Male Celebrities With Long Hairstyles

Male Celebrities With Long Hairstyles

Long hair is no longer just a fashion statement for female celebrities. Contrary to common belief, many male celebrities are able to look good in a variety of long hairstyles; each unique in their own ways. Let's take a look.
Kid Rock Famous For Long Hairstyles

David Beckham is among the many celebrities that have been known to wear a variety of long hairstyles and able to maintain his good-looks and charm. He has worn it in many variations such as long straight, long wavy and curly with a myriad of colors. In addition, he has styled in just by letting it loose, wearing it in a pony tail with a lot of layering and the likes.

Keanu Reeves is another male celebrity that has a tendency to look good in long hairstyles. Back in the days of “Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey/Adventures”, Keanu Reeves has been seen wearing his famous long hairstyles. To date, he has been seen wearing many different variations of long hairstyles; each with its own characteristics.

Another male celebrity whom I feel has a tendency to look good in a myriad of long hairstyles is Johnny Depp. Fans of Johnny Depp specifically or even male celebrity long hairstyles in general will tend to agree with me. From the days of “Edward Scissorshand” to “Todd Sweeny...”, Johnny Depp effortlessly looks good in many long hairstyles.

If you are a male and anxious to wear long hairstyles as your favorite male celebrities do, be sure to find one that will suit your face shape and the likes.

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