How to Care For Your Hair Extensions

How to Care For Your Hair Extensions - Fall Winter 2010 Long Hair Tips

Now you have gone to the beauty salon and got the most adorable hair style that was possible. You even had the hairstylist to add some hair extensions to your style. Well in order for you to maintain that beautiful hairstyle, you will have to learn how to care for your hair extension.
The first step is to wash gently your extension. You will have to soak the extension in some warm water, cover them with some clarifying shampoo and then rinse out with some cold water. Please do not comb or brush the extensions while it is wet. This will cause it to rip out hairs.
The next step is to keep the hair extension moisturized. If you a person that loves to style your hair or hair extension often then you would want to comb a little bit of conditioner into the hair. Make sure that the conditioner that you are using is a form of leave in kind.
Next, try to make the hair extensions tangle free as possible. You can do soak them in cold water and untangle it with a wide tooth comb. If the hair is dry, then you can brush out the tangles but never comb dry extensions.
The last and final step is to use stylers only when your hair extension is dry. Do not blow dry extensions. Be very careful not to over the hair extension with curlers and flat irons. They require only half the time of regular hair.