Types of Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions
- Long Hair Tips Fall Winter 2010

There are many types of hair extension for people who wants a new look. Getting the right hair extension for you is easy and affordable. Hair extensions can be found in many different types. You have a choice of look and how you prepare the extension. There is also a variety of texture of hair to choose from. You will have to make that choice yourself as to what type you will prefer to use.
There are 3 types:
strand by strand
which is where a small strand of the extension is attached one by one to a small part of your own hair by use of glue, heat fusing, or clamping. Some people prefer to have their extension weaved in with their own hair.
The other type of extension is the weft extension which consists of tracks that are several inches long. It is different from the other extension because you do not have to go strand by strand but using one row at a time. This makes this extension much faster to put into place.
Now there is a kind of extension that fits in with people who do not want to glue or heat bond anything in their hair. This type of extension is known as the clip in hair extension. All you have to do is to do as it says. Just clip it in your hair as desired for that excellent look.
No matter what kind of extension or look that you seek, you will find an extension that will help you with that style. Before buy the extension, ask your hairstylist about the method and the hair to use. Therefore you want go wrong when it is time to buy your extension