Stand and Salute Two Sailors for Their Service

If you are a follower of this blog you know that frequently I refer to "my friend Kathy". Kathy is a great friend, a talented scrapbooker, a dancer, and among the many other wonderful aspects of her character and life, she is the mother of two wonderful adult children. Her son Kyle is in the Navy, serving in the Pacific.
I had the pleasure of watching Kyle grow up. He was my daughter's first prom date (though ironically she was more interested in hanging out with her good friend, Kyle's sister Diana, than paying attention to her date). And now a man in his twenties, Kyle sails the seas serving our country.

True to his nature, Kyle has made friends amidst his fellow sailors. In a call to his parents a few weeks ago Kyle made an unusual request: could his mom and her friends send mail to his friend "Cuddles" (Don't ask... it's a nickname) who never gets mail. Like Kathy's other friends, I sent off a card to Cuddles.

Recently I acquired the Stand and Salute cartridge. On Sunday afternoon I decided to design two cards, one for Cuddles the mail-needy sailor and one for Kyle. I cut and assembled the cards yesterday. I used the same background paper for both cards, but went with different designs.

I especially liked the dog tags pictured below as well as the silver stars on the card pictured above. I purchased the silver paper on a whim, but have found so many ways to use (sparingly)my two sheets (I still have 2/3 of a sheet left!!).

I truly hope that Kyle and Cuddles like their cards.... I know that making them was a tiny, tiny thank you for what they are doing. They deserve so much more....