Bun Mini Challenge

I'm opting to start damp bunning to protect my ends and keep my hair better moisturized.  So for two weeks straight, I'll be rocking a bun.  I'm co-washing every other to every three days, allowing my hair to dry about 50% then I'll slick it all back into a bun.  I'll be using a variety of different leave-in sprays on my ends to keep them moist but the front runner will be Oyin Juices & Berries.

The hardest part for me is to keep my edges slick and in place, but I think I've found a solution!

AG Fast Food - leave on conditionElasta Qp Glaze 4oz Jar

It's a mixture (you know I love my mixes) of AG Hair Cosmetics Fast Food leave in conditioner and Elasta QP Glaze conditioning shining gel.  I mix it up real good in my hands and then apply it to my edges to moisturize that area, slick it down, and hold it in place.  

Products I'll be using and where you can find them cheaply: 

Oyin Juices & Berries, $11.00 OyinHandMade.com (FYI buy straight from the source for the cheapest price) 
AG Hair Cosmetics Fast Food Leave In, $14.45 Amazon.com     
Elasta QP Glaze, $4.29 Amazon.com