Profectiv Mega Growth Conditioner

I use chemicals in my hair and I use heat in my hair, so I'm always using deep conditioners.  Deep conditioning is a staple part of my weekly hair care regimen.  It's a step that I never ever skip, I might cut down the amount of time I deep condition for but I never ever skip it.  I also hardly ever use the same deep conditioner back to back, that's not to say I don't have my favorite because I certainly do but how would I ever keep you guys updated on all the different deep conditioners available if I didn't test different varieties like it's my J-O-B?  The newest deep conditioner to soak into my strands?  Strength Of Nature - Profectiv Mega Growth - Deep Strengthening Growth Conditioner. 

Product Description:  Protects, restores, repairs & rebuilds fragile, damaged hair for healthier hair growth.  Fortified with Pro-Growth Complex - a deep penetrating blend of natural minerals, oils, and proteins.  MegaGrowth strengthens hair from the inside out to promote stronger, longer, healthier hair.  Excellent for deep repair of damage caused from chemical overprocessing, heat styling, over-styling stress and dryness. Stops breakage. Promotes Healthy Growth. Boosts Hi-Shine

AHS Thoughts:  I'm fond of conditioners that are thick and lush and this conditioner is just that.  Once applied to my hair, it felt soft and conditioned immediately but of course I slapped on my plastic cap and went to sit under my hooded dryer for a while.  The scent is not worth noting but it's nothing terrible.  The ingredients leave much to be desired, or should I say much to be undesired like mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, and cones.  If the ingredient list were better I would highly recommend this conditioner because it actually does condition your hair and really aids with detangling.  Plus, my hair felt like it already had a leave-in applied after only towel drying a little. 
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Ingredients:  water, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, polyquaternium 37, propylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, PPG-1 Trideceth-6, steareth-2, steareth-20, silk amino acids, wheat protein, soybean protein, hydrolyzed oat protein, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, flax seed oil, horsetail extract, olive fruit oil, wheat germ oil, soybean oil, dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, lanolin, hydrogenated vegetable oil, methylparaben, propylparaben, DMDM hydantoin, fragrance, corn oil, BHA, BHT, Yellow 6