Disneyland Before & After, Part 1

Sadly, my Disneyland Annual Pass will expire at the end of this month. So I went for one last visit (at least for a while) last Wednesday. Before I left for the park, I went to some of my favorite theme-park-history-related blogs and printed out images from recent posts. I took these photos along, and took current photos to match. I'll be sharing some of these "before and after" photos over the next week or so.
The Frontierland concept art at the top of this post appeared on Stuff From The Park on March 19th. Somehow, I think the place would look more convincing if the streets really looked like dirt. Otherwise, the dream and the reality are quite similar.
The photo below, showing the start of construction for Splash Mountain in 1987, came from a post on Outside The Berm on Feb. 12th. I couldn't figure out where the photographer was standing until I walked around the area for a while. Eventually, I found the spot on the upper deck of the Hungry Bear Restaurant. Note the still-standing cypress trees along the side of the Haunted Mansion.
More to come...