A Little More Beladora That J'Adore

Thanks Jill for the link. I thought that I would add another photo so that you could get a better idea of the size of this pendant so here is Miss de Ville modelling it! Note the modern chain with the one bezel set diamond which is the perfect complement to the pendant.
Since the Retro snake necklace featured by Elle.com is probably just a little above our budget at $14,250
here's a beautiful Victorian snake at a somewhat more affordable price

Antique Victorian Diamond Crescent and Emerald and Ruby Snake Pendant $2450

This is an outstanding Victorian piece because it joins the two major Victorian jewelry motifs, the crescent and the snake into one design. Also the stones are really vibrant.

It always amazes me that a piece with so much intricacy was crafted completely by hand without the use of modern machinery.