Dusting vs Seek & Destroy

In attempts to prevent the need for a haircut (resulting in loss of progress) instead of just a trim, I have been dusting my ends. Dusting your ends, is when you snip off just the very ends of your strands. After you are finished you really shouldn't even be able to tell that you've snipped the ends. The mission is to rid your hair of split ends that can travel up the hair shaft causing more damage if it's left to continue splitting. Have you heard of seek and destroy missions? That's a little bit different. Dusting is when you do your entire head, snipping and snipping until you've snipped all the sections of hair, call it a mini trim. Seek & Destory is different because you are just looking for split ends or ends that looks shabby and snipping those off. For the record, I do both.

Hair Confession: Sometimes when I'm watching TV I'll grab the scissor and a towel and start a search and destory mission during the commercial breaks.

How about you? Which do you prefer dusting or going on seek & destory missions?