I did it: Hair Steamer

Digital Hair Steamer Salon Spa Beauty Equipment
I've been talking about how much I want a hair steamer so I took the plunge and purchased one!  I have tons of closet space in my new apartment so I decided to get the stand up verison over the table top one because I plan on using my brand new steamer weekly and I wanted a good quality steamer.  Part of me was being cheap and debating if I should just use the steam room at my gym where I have a membership, but gym steamers usually have chlorine circulating around (or maybe it just smells like it) and I'd rather be in the comfort of my own home. 

Qualities of a Hair Steamer to look for:
* Auto Shut Off
* Quiet
* Adjustable settings
* Warranty

Expect a Hair Steamer Review once I get it!