Mizani True Textures for Natural Curls

Mizani has a new hair care collection out and it's just for natural hair.  Don't think that'll stop me from trying some of the products.  You know I love a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioners "made for" natural hair are usually super moisturizing.  Check out the info on the new Mizani line.

Mizani True Textures: Designed specifically to care for naturally curly hair, True Textures addresses the unique characteristics of each curl type with specific products to meet individual needs, such as moisture, frizz control, and curl definition.

Mizani True Textures Curl Balance Sulfate-Free Shampoo - This gentle, color-safe cream shampoo is formulated to cleanse while keeping natural curls fully moisturized, bouncy and healthy-looking. Lightweight, sulfate-free formula rinses clean while retaining and restoring moisture to detangle and soften curls.

True Textures Cleansing Cream Conditioning Curl Wash - Designed for frequent use, this creamy, low-lather sulfate-free cleanser gently refreshes hair and scalp with a mild foaming action while adding extra conditioning to soften and revitalize curls in between shampoos and deep conditioning treatments. This one-step product combines mild cleansing, detangling and moisture in one.

True Textures Curl Replenish Intense Moisturizing Mask - This ultra-rich, deep penetrating treatment quickly absorbs into strands to revitalize and infuse hair with intense moisture. Perfect for dry, brittle hair, this formula includes essential nutrients to enhance shine, and definition for improved manageability and curl elasticity. Use as an express conditioner or as a weekly intense conditioning treatment.

True Textures Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel - Designed for loose curls and waves, this lightweight crème-gel re-energizes natural spirals without build-up. Frizz-taming formula boosts natural “lift” to give lasting curl support, memory and control with a satiny finish. Combining the moisture of a styling cream and control of a gel, this product enhances manageability and separation to refresh curls.

True Textures Moisture Stretch Curl Extending Cream - Designed for coiled to extremely tight styles, this moisturizing, curl-smoothing cream helps to loosen and elongate tight, unruly coils without weight or residue. Defines highly textured strands by reducing frizz and shrinkage and revealing flexible, individualized spirals with a clean, touchable finish. Perfect for curl set and finger twist techniques.