OMG - The Oprah Magazine and Patti Smith!

Things have been busy these last couple of weeks chez Beladora.
Between the red carpets, travel and sending out jewelry for photography
I've barely had time to catch up will all of your blogs.
Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with all my bloggy reading this weekend.

One thing I've been busy working on is loaning jewelry for major magazines
like the February issue of The Oprah Magazine.

I don't know how the O magazine stylists do it, but they make Oprah look not just fresh but absolutely stunning on every single cover shot.
Can those people come over to my place and dress me every morning.
But I digress...
The magazine had the Coming Into Their Own feature with Vanessa Williams, Rachel Roy, Brook Shields, Kelly Wearstler and Patti Smith.
From the magazine
"These five striking - and strikingly different- women have never looked better. Here they reveal how they sidestepped the unfortunate trends and nagging insecurities of youth to arrive at their celebrated personal styles."

So here is Patti Smith rocking an antique Edwardian diamond horseshoe brooch from
How cool is that?

And here is the detail shot of the brooch
which was one of my favorite antique brooches with 5 carats of old cut diamonds
Luckily, a Beladora client is now happily wearing it!