Golden Globes - The Gowns

Golden Globes wrap up....yeah, everyone has opinion

Sandy Bullock looks like the star that she is...after so long, this is her definitely her year

For some reason I adore Tea Leoni's outfit
I don't have much good to say about her recovering man whore husband
but she looks very happy
Given the fact that Julianne Moore is styled by Tom Ford
I'm a little confused about what is going on here
Does the dress not hang like a sack
and what the hell is hanging from her ears?
Zoe Saldana looks zany in something that looks like
a discarded table cloth that got soaked in wine

Patricia Arquette sadly attired in the worst gown on the red carpet

Strange that I find Tracy Morgan's white dinner jacket to be so wrong in February

Yet I think that Kate Hudson was the best dressed at the event
Why do I find a white gown in February to be correct
and a white dinner jacket to be gauche
Despite the buff guns, I think that Glenn Close should have gone for covered arms
a la Meryl Streep.
She just seems a t'wee bit old to be going strapless
Cougerlicious Courtney Cox, on the other hand, can still rock a strapless gown

Unfortunately her friend Jennifer Aniston looked like a hot mess

Penelope Cruz dressed appropriately dramatic

and Cameron Diaz couldn't have been cuter

I'll leave the jewelry for another post