Wash Day: DevaCurl No Poo & One Condition

I've decided that I'm going to use a very moisturizing, sulfate free shampoo, followed up by an extremely moisturizing conditioner.  Why am I going over board with the moisturizing products?  That's because I'm doing extremely well applying my Mega-Tek Growth Mix, since Mega-Tek is a heavy protein I want to make sure that I don't end up doing more damage than good on this Mega-Tek Challenge. 

Saturated hair with coconut oil and did a scalp massage before bed, then applied a plastic cap covered by a scalp to my head and went to bed. 

DevaCurl No Poo

DevaCurl One Condition left on for a few minutes

Deep Conditioner:
DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Deep Treatment left on for 30 minutes with heat

DevaCurl No Poo does not lather so I always find myself using more than I really need to, but it's okay because it has no SLS to upset my scalp.  Don't get up in arms if you are relaxed or just have naturally straight hair, DevaCurl products are for all hair types.  It smells great and left my hair feeling awesomely soft.  The DevaCurl One Condition and Heaven in Hair both compliment the scent of the shampoo and left my hair extremely soft and feeling very moisturized.