Make up

Fall is here, and it's time to experiment with your make-up. I suggest to look to the runways for inspiration - not just in terms of color but also in texture. Don't hesitate to have a new look, and never abandon what makes you feel most comfortable. True beauty comes when a woman balances between creativity, whimsy, and self-confidence that her make-up should bring to her daily life.

Here are some of my Make-up tips for fall 2010.

1. Keep that healthy summer glow.

Switch from a matt foundation to something with a richer texture to help your skin prepare for weather changes. Definitely, try a sexy, slee, smoky-eye look to match the rich colors of fall.  Wear a deeper shade of eyeliner, such as hunter green, a deep violet, and cafe brown as seen on runway shows.

3. Want your eyes to standout without heavy clumps of mascara?

Then you need to add more lashes.  Try semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  Adding some volume and lenght will bring out the color and shap of the eye.
4. Put some shimmer in your shadow.

Try switching to deeper shades such as dark green, bronze, charcoal, or plum to add just a hint of sparkle to your sexy, smoky eyes.

5. Intensify your lips. 

First apply lip enhancement product, then wear your favorite stand-alone summer gloss over a deeper, more opaque lipstick.  This is a rich, intense look that will really define your lips.

6. Learn from the runways.

Runway beauty is gorgeous and specifically created to evoke thought and set trends. These looks should always be interpreted as conceptual, not literal!  Women should take the ideas as direction and try to implement seasonal changes in their daily routines, but only if it works for them.