Walt's Disneyland, December 1966

Today's photos both show Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A. in December 1966. The place is almost empty in the image above, which was taken by someone working for Knott's Berry Farm. By contrast, look how many people are in the Disney promotional photo below. Personally, I'd rather go to Disneyland on the day shown above.Walt Disney died that same month, exactly 43 years ago today. Heaven knows what else he and his companies might have accomplished had Lucky Strikes not taken him so soon.
In any case, only three days after his death, "Disneyland Around the Seasons" was broadcast on national television, feature Walt as its host. A clip of that program, showing a jetpack flight in Tomorrowland, is available on YouTube. The entire program is available on a great DVD set entitled, Disneyland: Secrets, Stories & Magic.