In Walter Knott's Footsteps: Pomona

For the last entry in this series, we're going back to the first house Walter Knott built for Cordelia after they were married in 1911. As you can see in the "after" photo above (and another below), it still stands at 1040 W. 4th St., in Pomona.
Walter had a good, stable job as a foreman for a cement contractor. It was this job and this home, along with friends, family, and the comforts of life "in town," that the Knotts left behind in 1914 to homestead in desolate Newberry Springs.
But that's how much farming, and the prospect of affordable land meant to Walter. From the time he was a child, tending gardens on borrowed patches of ground, he had agriculture in his blood. Who knew what it would lead to someday?
I should have done this Knott series in chronological order, but I didn't originally see it growing the way it has. Here's a set of links to the various parts of the series, along with some of my earlier Knott-related posts, presented in more-or-less historical/chronological order: