modern Home curtain

The designers have taken a long hard look at modern curtain designs to bring style and colour into the 21st century. Modern living requires curtains which are easy to maintain, incorporate the latest in-trend colours and above all look elegant an stylish in different interior room designs.

Eye-let curtains have become very popular. They are so easy to hang, it’s quite literally just a matter of using either a metal or wooden curtain pole and sliding them on.!

This style of curtain is easy to draw across at night and swish back in the mornings! They can be drawn back in their entirety or swept back and held in place with coordinating or contrasting tie-backs. Eye-let curtains which have metal effect eye-let covers look striking when hung from a metal curtain pole. One of the great advantage of using them is that they always look and retain their stylish appearance, open or closed.

Curtains which can be hung from poles are widely available in different weights of fabrics. From the finest voiles and silks to natural cotton or man-made blends. The key thing is to make sure you have the right size diameter curtain pole.

The finer and lighter the curtain fabric the small the diameter of pole can be used. As the curtain fabric becomes heavier the larger the diameter of pole needs to be.

Be careful when choosing metal effect poles rather than actual metal; these imitation metal poles are usually plastic with a metal effect paint finish and are not very robust! If you try and hang medium or heavy weight curtains from them, they will simply bend! Spoiling the whole sleek and streamlined appearance.

From a maintenance view eye-let curtains are so simple to take down launder or take to the cleaners-depending on the fabric, follow the manufacturers’ guidelines- and re-hang. They offer clean and modern lifestyles an easy, yet very effective, window dressing.